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Andrew Simpson Legal Translation

French – English Language Services for law firms, business and individuals

I have two decades of experience translating legal and financial documents for clients in Paris, London and across the world, providing high quality translation often within tight deadlines and always to exacting standards.

Below are just some of the most frequent legal and financial translation projects I can help with:

For law firms and businesses:

French to English translation of
Legal documents and court rulings

As well as shorter translations of certificates and similar documents, I regularly undertake translation of more lengthy and complex legal rulings, court decisions, divorce petitions, and company financial statements. Below are a few short examples of the most typical legal and financial documents I’m frequently asked to translate:

Company incorporation certificates

Divorce petitions

Custody proceedings

Court rulings

Employment contracts

Property sale agreements

General terms and conditions of sale

Privacy policies

Powers of attorney

Prenuptial agreements

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For individuals:

Certificate and document translation

Birth, death & marriage certificates
From French to English

I am able to provide quick turnaround of French birth, death and marriage certificates, passports, divorce proceedings or any other manner of legal translations of official French documents.

And don’t worry, no need to send the original paper document, a clear scanned copy of the original sent by email will suffice – making life a little easier and turnaround much quicker.

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For students:

French to English translation of
Academic certificates & transcripts

Perhaps you have studied in France and need to provide a legal translation of a university certificate and transcript for official purposes.  I have two decades of experience in translating legal documents for university applications and grade transcripts.

Simply send an email copy of your certificates and grade transcripts and I can give you a precise estimate and turnaround time within the hour.

My solid background in computer science also means I use up-to-date software to provide you with near-perfect formatting of your original legal document, meaning your translation is not only an accurate translation, but also has near-identical formatting.

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Certified Translations

Sometimes both companies and individuals may be asked to provide a certified legal translation. Certified translation in the UK requires a certification signed and dated by the translator which attests the accuracy of the translation and the professional qualifications of the translator. Each document will usually be accompanied by a letter accordingly and signed. I am fully qualified to provide certified translations between French and English having undertaken qualifications to Postgraduate level and being member of the Chartered Institute of Linguists in the United Kingdom.

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