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Q&A with Andrew

Andrew Simpson, MA MCIL DPSI has been working as a fully-qualified professional French to English legal translator since 2006 working for leading law firms, financial companies and Premier League football clubs inter alia.

“My childhood was spent hopping the Channel between France and the United Kingdom where I gained fluency in French, as well as being educated in my native English.

Educated to Postgraduate level in Professional Legal Translation between the French and English languages, I have worked for high-end clients for my entire career under the umbrella of my professional legal translation company.”

Q & A with Andrew

Here are some of the questions frequently sent concerning my translation services and what you can expect when you entrust a translation to Andrew Simpson Legal Translation.

One word: passion. After studying translation to Postgraduate level, I always had a clear passion for legal and financial translation, but thanks to my studies, that direction became much clearer as it was important to have a special focus to be able to thrive in the competitive legal translation market. My love of technical and complex legal texts, combined with my comfort in all registers of the French language meant that this was a no-brainer for me.

Additionally, it is important to understand that legal translation is not merely a question of translating word for word; but is about understanding the nuances of one legal system, and conveying this understanding through a legal translation in a completely different culture.

Great question. My passion/hobby is in language learning and although I consider myself something of a polyglot, when it comes to translation and interpreting – particularly in the legal domain – it is essential that you not only have strong language skills; but additionally, that you have advanced knowledge of legal terminology and the legal system.

I spent many years living and working in Paris, coupled with years of studying French and English law in London. There are often no equivalents between the two systems, which is where French English translation really becomes an art form and a skill in itself. Not just anyone who speaks a bit of French can aspire to succeed as a legal translation expert.

I consider myself a professional and an expert in legal translation, and have worked for a lot of leading law firms in both London and Paris, as well as working in-house for a selection of Premier League and Ligue 1 football clubs involved in multi-million pound contract deals.

These companies come to me precisely because I specialise solely in the translation of French and English legal and financial documents and they can be assured of the quality befitting to their exacting standards.

I am an English native speaker, as such my services are written translation from French language into English – industry standards dictate that you only translate into your mother tongue.

My areas of expertise cover a wide and diverse range of legal translation, including contracts, legal rulings, due diligence, company accounts and financial statements, auditor reports, public record certificates, and all manner of company and legal documents requiring an accurate and timely French English translation.

The pricing for translation is structured on the word count of the document. I can send you a clear and accurate estimate and deadline following a review of your final document(s) for translation.

Any additional formatting will always be taken into consideration when issuing you with a price estimate for your translation – avoiding any nasty surprises when budgeting for your translation services.

In opting for Andrew Simpson Legal Translation you are choosing a professional with both academic qualifications and nearly two-decades of high-level legal and financial translation experience.

I regularly provide legal and financial translation services to high-end companies in London, Paris and beyond.

If you would like to request a quote or receive more information over a call about using our French English legal and financial translation services in London, Paris or indeed anywhere else across the world, please call us on +44 (0)7 307 888 979 or drop us an email at, we always strive to get back to you within the hour.

If you can’t see the answer to your question, please get in touch and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

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